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The Alchin family line that is relevant to my ancestry, and the stories (that will later) be contained on these pages, has its beginnings in Australia with Ambrose Alchin and Elizabeth ‘Ann’ Alchin (nee Waterhouse), who arrived in New South Wales in 1838 as Bounty Immigrants. The Alchin family is large with many lines, however those significant to my family line have lived in places mainly around Camden, Dalton, Rye Park and Blakney Creek. There are many Alchins still living in these areas today.

The pedigree register beginning with Ambrose Alchin is detailed below. Other family names that feature in my Alchin line of ancestors include; Wheatley, Brown, Johnson, and Pollard.

  1. Ambrose Alchin (b.1801) m. Elizabeth Ann Waterhouse (b.1798)
    Children: John (1821), Edward, William, Ambrose, Charles, Thomas, George, Lucy, Mary, Emma, Edward, Jabez, Ambrosine, Angelina.
  2. John Alchin* (b.1821) m. Martha Matilda Johnson (b.1837)
    Children: John, James, Matthew, Joseph, Henry (1861), Jane, Ada, Thomas, Harriet
  3. Henry Richard Alchin (b.1861) m. Ellen Louise Pollard (b.1864)
    Children: Lillian (1884), Hercules Edmund (1886), Harold Gordon (1888), Olive Gertrude (1891), John Clyde (1892).
  4. Harold Gordon Alchin (b.1888) m. Annie Louise Wheatley (b.1885)
    Children: Harold John ‘Jack’ (1913), Ellen Louise ‘Nell’ (1913), Henry Richard ‘Toby’ (1915), Robert Clyde ‘Bob’ (1917), Frederick Otho (1917), Marjorie, Gordon Raymond (1930).
  5. Frederick Otho Alchin (b.1917) m. Isabell Emma Whittington (b.1922)
    Children: Donald, Annette, Lorraine.

*A short unreferenced note on the Monaro Pioneers website suggests that John may in-fact be the biological son of Martha Mitilda Johnson and a man named ‘John William Gaynes’, and not that of Ambrose Alchin. No other details about this have been discovered.

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